The SAFEST Road Markers on the globe, guaranteed.

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We've nailed safety - to the road!

Road Markers are critical in inclement (dark / raining) weather to delineate the roadway and act as an audible safety warning;

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Benefits of Permabond Road Safety Markers


Our 'like-for-like' bitumen weld design flexes with the road.
Permabond Safety Markers do not come off!


Our Markers keep the road highlighted.
They do not become fast-moving projectiles which cause driver & pedestrian fatalities!


We are so confident in the road adhesion of Permabond Markers they come with a 2 year global warranty!


Governments make significant savings of up to 5000% on road network Marker replacement funding costs.

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Permabond University Test Report

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Road Removal

Marker removal (hydraulic ram) from the road surface with our Mobile Test Unit

Independent Testing

University laboratory (independent) testing of Road Marker models removal from road core samples

Permabond Construct

Internal cavity/structure and filling strength of Permabond Road Safety Markers

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